Wednesday, 19 September 2007

Naruto Cards: Eternal Rivalry N-176 Gamabunta (1st Edition)

Eternal Rivalry N-176 Gamabunta (1st Edition)
Super Rare - Eternal Rivalry
Card #: Ninja-176
Symbol: Lightning
Entrance Cost: 8
Hand Cost: 1
Characteristics: Leaf | Ninja Toad

[Honor in the Gang World]

This Ninja cannot be put in play unless you have 1 or more Ninjas with the ''Oil'' Combat Attribute in play.
Valid: This Ninja cannot be removed from play by your opponent's effects.

# Healthy Status: 9/0 (Combat/Support)
# Injured Status: 7/0 (Combat/Support)
# Combat Attribute: Oil

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jakenofake said...

Is this you gamabunta...???
i want it...
do you think we could work
out a trade...I also want your
shadow clone jutsu from you...

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